The scope of services provided by your architect is fundamental to the success of any project.

Please see below what we can offer and how our services can lead to a stress free process and beautiful end result.


Concept design

This is the phase in the project where the big picture principles are identified, discussed, explored and ultimately embedded into the design.

Paramount to LFA's design ethos are natural light, passive environmental design elements, spatial quality, cost control and efficient planning. All of these, along with authority planning requirements, are integrated at this stage and communicated through plans, elevations, sections, models and 3D renders of the proposal.

We consider the concept design stage as an opportunity not only to review a client's design brief but also to redefine it by posing questions through various planning and design options that will ultimately lead to a better and more considered outcome.

developed design and development application

The developed design phase builds on the principles set down during concept design. A focus on the human scale experience, environmental conditions, materiality, construction technique and cost analysis enable the design to develop to cater specifically for the individual needs and requirements of the client and site.

The development application stage includes all drawings, diagrams and documentation required for Council or Complying Development assessment. LFA manages the application submission and will liaise with Council during the assessment process to help the process run as smoothly as possible. Furthermore, all specialised consultants required at the DA stage are managed by LFA.

We can also provide a Statement of Environmental Effects, Waste Management Plan and BASIX Certificate to support applications for residential and simple commercial projects.

construction documentation

A high quality and comprehensive set of construction documents is the only way to ensure the quality and intent of the design is communicated clearly to a builder. These documents also allow for the construction works to be properly scoped so that the project can be accurately priced before signing a building contract. This reduces complications and price variations during the build and will ensure that compromises to the design and quality don't need to be made during the build, saving the client money and stress.

As a minimum, LFA provides all plans, elevations and sections as well as ceiling and electrical plans, construction and design details, joinery, bathroom and kitchen details, material and colour selections and specifications and fixtures and fittings selections. 

A high quality and comprehensive construction set is the difference between standard methods of building and a bespoke, special and individualised design suited to a client's specific requirements.

contract administration and site services

LFA can act as superintendent for the building contract: acting as an agent for the client and ensuring their requirements for the design and budget, as set out in the construction documents, are achieved.

The superintendent role allows LFA to review the progress and quality of the work on a regular basis to confirm builders' invoicing reflects work completed and that the quality of the work is satisfactory.

During the build, we act as the point of contact for all communication from the builder to the client, leading to a less stressful and professionally managed process.